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To, All SOR Vendors Calicut Territory Sub: E-TENDER FOR FACILITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FMS) Dear Sir, We propose to carry out Job for Facility Management System (FMS) of equipment’s of ROs in 4 ZONE Areas in Calicut Territory. Due date/Time: As per mentioned in E-Tender Calendar Tenure of the ARC: Job will be awarded for one year We also attach herewith the schedule of quantities in Annexure & Scope of work for which your quotation is requested. Your quoted rates shall be inclusive of all the materials/Labor /Equipment/Transportation/arranging water/royalty payments, if any/carrying out of lab test etc. to the complete satisfaction of BPCL. Award of Job:- 1. The tender aims at establishing Annual Rate Contract for 1 year for ROs in Calicut Territory (List of ROs enclosed as separate annexure ). Please note that Calicut Territory for this tender has been divided into 4 ZONES Sales. 2. Bidders are required to submit their quotation for any or each of these 4 ZONE areas separately as per the E-Tender. 3. Contract will be awarded individually for each of the ZONE areas on the basis of L1 for each of these ZONE areas and not the overall L1 for Calicut Territory. 4. Tender will be opened in following sequence from ZONE-1 to ZONE-4. As below: 1. ZONE-1:Calicut,Wayanad & Mahe 2. ZONE-2:Malappuram District 3. ZONE-3:Palakkad District 4. ZONE-4: Kannur & Kasargoad Districts. Any bidder who qualifies as L1 for ZONE area will have his bids for the subsequent Zones, unopened. So, if a bidder is L1 for ZONE -1 his bid will not be opened for the remaining ZONES. Similarly, bids for all the other vendors, except the vendor who is L1 ZONE-1, will be opened for the next Zones and so on. 5. Only one ZONE area can be awarded to any bidder. Once a bidder is declared as L1 for a zone area, his bids for the remaining Sales areas will not be opened. 6. The Lowest Evaluated bid will be determined /established after considering the Overall Net Cash Outflow to BPCL i.e. Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) charges–As quoted by vendor for 1 year. 7. Tender can be foreclosed & re-orientation of Zones can be done based on company requirement. Other terms and conditions are applicable as covered in the General conditions of tender enclosed. Correspondence address for execution of LOI/ Agreement shall be: Territory Manager (Retail) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd , Calicut. Please submit your competitive quotes latest by 16.00:00 hrs on 29.07.2020 in the EPROC portal.
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29-07-2020 16:00:00
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Closing Date : 29-07-2020 16:00:00

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